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Why Heel to Ball Measuring is Essential


This illustration shows two feet which are the same length, but each require different size shoes. There are different fittings for short-toed feet and long-toed feet. Proper shoe-fitting incorporates not only overall length (heel-to-toe measurement) but also arch length (heel-to-ball measurement). Shoes are designed to flex at the ball of the foot. Correct fitting properly positions the ball joint in the shoe and provides room for the toes so they are not confined.


Without Utilizing Heel to Ball Measurement


Improperly fitted shoes (shown right) can cause a variety of foot problems in addition to general discomfort and shoe breakdown.

If the arch of the foot is not positioned properly in the shoe, the foot will become fatigued and uncomfortable.



Here is an example of a footmeasuring device. The customer would remove their footwear and stand, placing their right heel into the right heel cup.

The customer would stand with equal weight on both feet to ensure that the foot being measured has elongated and spread to it's maximum size.


We would be sure the heel is properly located against the back of the heel cup, by grasping the customer's ankle and device together, as illustrated in photo.

We would then press the toes flat against the base of the device and look straight down over the longest toe (not necessarily the first toe) to read toe length.

We would then make sure the customer's socks are snug against the toes (without drawing the toes back) to yield an accurate measurement.

Getting properly fitted footwear takes more than picking a shoe off the shelf and having the sales person serve you.

Be sure to have both feet measured. Many people have feet of different sizes. Fit to the larger of the two. Have your feet measured and fitted each time you purchase shoes.

Your foot size changes with age, weight changes, and other factors. The shoe size you wore ten years ago is probably not the right size now.

Correctly fitted footwear can prevent long term foot problems.

Contact Beekay Shoes and have your feet correctly measured by our experienced staff, call 01895 234458 or contact us.



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